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Ayanna Pressly

Ayanna Pressly

Pressley, the first woman of color to represent Massachusetts in Congress, began reflecting on her Senegalese brand, which she first acquired about four years ago. The look, she explained, has not only become an integral part of her identity and political brand, but has served as an inspiration to young women of color across the country – even in t-shirts that say “My Congresswoman Wears Braids” . Pressley was endorsed by The Boston Globe and the local hotel and electricity workers’ union, and grassroots movements including Democracy for America, New Congress, and Democrats of Justice supported Pressley. She received support from former Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John E. Walsh, Massachusetts Attorney General Mora Healy, former Newton Mayor Setty Warren and Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu..

Winning the New York Congressional District 14 nomination, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, over longtime spokeswoman Joseph Crowley, increased the visibility of the Pressly campaign. Although some political commentators distinguished the Pressly campaign from the Ocasio-Cortez campaign, as Capuano was considered one of the most progressive records in Congress, the two current presidents represented districts in which the majority of voters were not white….

Criminal justice reform


Pressley based her campaign primarily on the fact that as a young man and a black woman, she was more apt to represent an increasingly diverse neighborhood. “We will vote the same, but I will behave differently,” she said during the debate…

Pressley is the first African-American woman elected to represent Massachusetts in Congress. After winning the November election of Jahana Hayes in the 5th Circuit of Congress of Connecticut, they became the first women of color to be elected to Congress by New England. The congressman’s comments followed a summer of heated demonstrations against racial justice and police brutality, which resulted in riots and mass destruction in several cities. In Portland, protesters repeatedly attacked a federal court with fireworks and other explosives..

Over the weekend, protesters in Chicago broke into and looted stores on the city’s Magnificent Mile and damaged the look of a local charity. Pressly race against Rep. 20-year-old incumbent Michael Capuano is notable for agreeing on these issues, according to local media reports…

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