Debate Turkey News 5-star hotels in Turkey have announced bad news to Russians

5-star hotels in Turkey have announced bad news to Russians

5-star hotels in Turkey have announced bad news to Russians post thumbnail image

Five-star hotels in Turkey worsened their forecasts and gave Russian tourists some bad news about the prices for the next high season: a significant increase in the cost of accommodation in high-class hotels is expected for summer-2023 compared with the last similar season. According to preliminary estimates it is not less than 30-50%. However, there is a reason that the increase will not be so painful for tourists.

“Hotels in Turkey will have to raise the prices in the summer season-2023 – the economic situation in the country does not leave them a choice. Recall that earlier in the Turkish press sounded forecasts for the rise in prices of accommodation in Turkish resort hotels in 2023 by 15-20% on average on the market – compared to the summer of 2022. But the increase will be different in different segments”, – said ATOR from a business forum Coral Travel, held in Turkey on November 15.

First of all, we are talking about an increase in prices for holidays in high-class hotels in Turkey – these are 5-star hotels and Deluxe Hotels. However, there is an important nuance. Representatives of hotels were talking about an increase in prices in euros, which leaves a chance for domestic tourists for a less drastic rise in prices, as the ruble rate depends on bank quotes.

It should be noted that the willingness to raise the prices for the next peak season was expressed by representatives of the Turkish Seven Seas Gravel Select and Kilit Hospitality Group, which includes such well-known brands of 5* hotels as Crystal Hotels and Nirvana Hotels. “Price increases are inevitable. Costs in the hotel sector have risen, the same applies to all other aspects of life in Turkey. Everything from tomatoes to electricity has gone up in price. Some hotels in the 5 star segment, and we are among them, do not want to, but will have to increase prices in the summer season by 50%,” cited the publication’s statement Günay Shaban, sales manager of the Seven Seas Gravel Select hotel.

Kilit Hospitality Group representative Güzel Kyiyak said hotels are also forced to raise prices for next summer, but so far we are talking about a range of 35-50%. According to the expert, currently under the early booking discount on hotel accommodation reaches 30%. However, frightened by the mass cancellations and tour postponements due to the lockdowns, closed borders and the sky, Russian tourists refuse to actively book tours to Turkey for the summer of 2023.

However, despite the difficult geopolitical situation and rising prices, domestic tourists are not ready to give up on the most popular foreign destination, added a representative of the hotel group: “I have been working in Turkey’s hotel business for many years. And every year for many years, prices for holidays in Turkey are rising. And every year, tourists react to this situation in the same way. Either they reduce the length of their vacation or change over to more budget hotels. But there is never a mass rejection of travel.

Travel agents selling tours in premium hotels of tour operator Coral Travel observe a similar tendency. According to them, the demand for expensive beach vacations in the country this year, which was marked by the global crisis and partial mobilization, on the contrary, breaks records. Thus, during New Year holidays Turkey is steadily keeping its position among three leaders in demand among rich domestic tourists.

The data of the Turkish Embassy in Moscow confirmed the change in demand for the better. By the end of 2022 the country is planning to accept significantly more Russian tourists than it was predicted. We are talking about more than 5 million Russians, i.e. 10% of total expected tourist flow to Turkey in this period (the forecast – 50 million tourists). This was reported by the attaché for culture and tourism of the Turkish Embassy in Russia Ilker Ozkan. The figure seems quite achievable, because as of November 15, the tourist flow from Russia in the Turkish direction reached 4.5 million. For comparison, in 2021, 4.6 million domestic travelers rested in the country, and in the dokovid 2019 – a record 7 million. Provided that air service will be restored in full, the record figure can be overcome.

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