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Antalya became Hurghada

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Outside the Russian window, November is slushy and overcast, but in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya it is +25°C: during the day tourists relax on the beach and swim in the sea as in summer. Thanks to the high air and sea temperatures recently, the Turkish November climate in the coastal province has become reminiscent of the Egyptian Hurghada for vacationers who come from cold Russia.

N.B. Earlier Turprom wrote that “The date when the bathing season ends in Antalya has become known.

It seems that the classic Turkish autumn bypasses Antalya, and instead summer maintains its influence and continues to delight tourists. Warm sunny weather is a signal for local and foreign holidaymakers to head to the beach. In the resort city, the air temperature during the day holds at +25 ° C, the Mediterranean Sea – +24 ° C, while the humidity is +23 ° C, reported Enshonhaber. By comparison, in Hurghada, the average daytime air temperature this month is about +27 ° C, sea water – +25 ° C. And although at times the resorts of the Red Sea blows a strong wind, and at night it gets chilly, as in Antalya, the climate is still comfortable.

So, according to the General Directorate of Meteorology, last Sunday in the city was also sunny and the temperature rose to +26 ° C. Of course, the density of holidaymakers on Antalya beaches in November is not as high as in summer, but there are many who want to relax by the sea.

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