The world’s most disgusting airports are named

The world’s most disgusting airports are named post thumbnail image

The most disgusting airports in the world, or more precisely, the most stressful for passengers, have been named. And this rating of airports, compiled by, included two well known to Russian tourists airports, where tourists and travelers experience the most stress. We are talking about airports in Istanbul and Sharm el-Sheikh. Although the most stressful was Manchester airport, which became “famous” for the avicollapse.

The creators of the rating assure that no matter whether you are an experienced tourist or just starting to travel, there are many reasons why airports are stressful – delays, long lines, crying children, problems with getting luggage, predatory prices of food and drinks… The covid pandemic and subsequent problems of “aviacollapse” stress factor only worsened – assure experts, and the increased demand for travel made the situation even more stressful.

At the same time, as it turned out, not all of the seriously busy airports are characterized by high levels of passenger stress. To find this out, it was analyzed more than 1,500 reviews on Google for more than 500 airports around the world.

The leader was Manchester airport – 82% of the reviews pointed to the stress of tourists. In total in Europe there are nine of the ten most unnerving tourist airports, with four of them – in the UK. By the way, the second place on the level of stress in general was taken by the resort airport, once popular among our tourists – before the closing of Europe, it was the Greek airport Heraklion. And in Egypt, popular with our tourists were five of the ten most stressful airports in Africa, with the first place went to a well-known airport in Sharm el-Sheikh.

So the top three worst airports in the world in terms of stress levels were Manchester Airport, Heraklion Airport and another Briton – London Stanseed. By the way they also topped the European ranking, which is expected. They are followed by Toronto and Bordeaux airports. Also from continental Europe airports of Berlin and Brussels are on the list. But with the resort airport is more or less avoided, only the airport of Santorini – in tenth place got in the top ten.

In Asia, Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul was the undisputed leader in terms of stress – it is in the lead in the entire Middle East and Central Asia, 63% of tourists have complained of stress. The air harbor serves 25 million people a year, it proves to be the busiest, and tourists are pissed off by the long lines, especially at passport control. Some have complained that they spent more than two hours in those lines. Another reason for complaints is that there is no free Wi-Fi at the airport. By the way, further among the stressful Asian airports is Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv, as well as no less familiar to the Russian tourist Antalya – at its airport more than half of the respondents or 53% were “stressed”.

In Africa Sharm el-Sheikh has taken the first place – 63.4% complained about its airport. Indignation, by the way, causes security measures – why tourists have to take off shoes and go barefoot – are indignant in the reviews. Also complain about the staff, demanding tips, and, of course, the long lines. In second place, by the way, the second resort airport – Hurghada. Cairo, by the way, is the sixth most stressful among African airports, and the new airport of Marsa Alam is 11.

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