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As I mentioned previously, I even shorted the pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver. A) Click on the Restart button to return to the Windows 7 log on screen. However, if a piece of hardware is SLOWLY going bad, and you’re getting intermittant problems, then that sounds like a faulty power supply unit . I have a problem restarting my PC when clicking the restart button in the Start menu.

The PC restarts but can’t boot up again, I don’t get any response from my LCD monitor, but the tower is running. I can only restart it manually by hand, clicking on the tower button. If you like your phone enough and don’t want to pay to upgrade it you’ll have to take apart and remove the power button. The reason that you have to remove the power button is because it is stuck and you can’t unstick it and will constantly turn your phone off because it’s stuck. If you take the battery out and then put it back in, it vibrates and then shows the galaxy symbol but only for a second then turns off for good.

So i took out an put in the battery again, and when the vibrate came, I plugged it in. The I would get the charging symbol, but then it turned off again. Then I tried the 30 second thing with the battery out, and when I put it in, the Galaxy logo thing came up, but then it turned off. Then I did the vibrate thing again, and when i plugged it in, it was charging.

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I would try to power on the system outside of your case to make sure there’s no short coming from the case. You should try getting your system to boot with only minimal parts first. Sorry, it’s my first time booting up a new mother board so I have no idea what it’s suppose to do.

The fans are spinning and everything looks as though its functioning correctly, but nothing comes up on the monitor. Just power your system on top of your motherboard box or a table.

Both times, the charger caused the battery symbol on the top right of the screen to have an x through it, which I always shrugged off. This question has already been answered but this is how to prevent it. Hold power button for a minute to drain any left over battery. When i would take out the battery and put it back in I would get that quick vibrate like it was gona turn on, but then it wouldnt. And when i plugged in the charger, nothing happened either.

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This makes the pin out for the 24 pin connector from left to right on top, and 1-12 on the bottom. The pin out for the 20 pin connector from left to right is on top , and 1-10 on the bottom. If you look at the connectors you notice that these are sockets that fit over the pins on the motherboard where the PSU cable attaches, this is where you will place the jumper. For a jumper you will need a piece of solid wire about the size of a paper clip (20-22 awg), preferably a wire with insulation. It will need to be large enough to fit firmly into the socket so avast free antivirus review that it will not need to be held in place while testing.

You are at risk of electrical shock if you are holding the jumper when you power up the PSU. Insert one end of the jumper into the socket of the Green wire, and insert the other end into the socket of any Black wire.

Did you buy the power supply locally at a computer store where they actually do hardware repairs? If so you could go back with the new one and have them test it. Please notice that there are PSUs with 24 pin and 20 pin connectors, the location of the green wire in the 24 pin connector is #16, and the green wire in the 20 pin connector is #14. If you look at the connector with socket side facing you and the clip on the top the number one pin will be on the bottom left corner.